Peter Pretorius Nat.Dip Mechanical Engineering

With a background in the Engineering, financial and HR, Peter has been key in managing procurement, production, and logistics ,national and international. He has been supporting Pecanne on a full I time basis since 2009

Creative team

Carol Pretorius ATCL London

Hailing from the creative world of theatre, film, media and fashion. Carol heads up the creative team of Pecanne. With a history in design, development and education, numerous successful projects have been completed for retail, commercial, industrial, residential, and the hospitality industry.


Johan Visser Master Crafstman

There is no project that will stunt our Johan. Many bespoke one off items, kitchens, exclusive furniture, and accessories have been produced with aplomb.

Chantal Dewaramjee: Sorts, and special projects designer and manufacturer

Originally from Madagascar, Chantal studied Fashion Design in France and Message therapy in Switzerland. She has an eye for the magnificent and has the accolade of designing and manufacturing exclusive day and evening wear for ladies and gents. Most softs and accessories are managed by Chantal.