Veronica Schoeman

Thank you Carol, for the “excellence” achieved in the refurbishment and design of our home. During the many years working with you, whether renovations for our new kitchen, you managed to make miracles happen! At times we could not imagine any good, could come from what we had to deal with. The carefully designed plans, furniture, fittings and accessories allowed for sophistication, yet easy living spaces, is enjoyed and admired by all family and friends. We will be calling on you to assist in the refurbishment of our planned holiday home in Natal. Looking forward to be working with you in future.

Zonke Engineering

Peta Loots

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carol and her team from Pecanne design solutions! Their expert design layout and furniture manufacture and selection created the perfect work environment for Zonke Engineering Zonke productivity has exponentially increased. The original space, furniture and fittings acquired, have had to be refurbished and redesigned allowing for growth. Productivity and staff involvement have exceeded all expectations. The company turnover has been positively influenced and additional buildings have been acquired, further improving Zonke’s investment portfolio. We have been able to accommodate new businesses in their recently acquired buildings and Pecanne has successfully, by design, assisted tenants on the same successful path.